Yu-Gi-oh!: Forbidden Memories

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

This is one of the best Yu-Gi-oh! games I ever played on the PSone. This one is called Yu-Gi-oh!: Forbidden Memories. The developers who did Castlevania, Silent Hill, and Metal Gear Solid is known as Konami. I played the other Yu-Gi-oh! games, but they suck. This one played the old school rules with out sacrifices of 1 or 2 monsters. So you can bring special high star monsters out on the field with without sacrificing monsters. There are spells and trap cards in this game, but you will be mostly using monster cards. This game is about how Yu-Gi-oh! go stay. This one is set in Ancient Egypt about 5000 years ago. You will face alot people in game. You will not use guns or swords. You are using cards to battle people. If you lose, it’s GAME OVER. You have to win in every duel, otherwise you will lose everything.

After you face some people, you can face them again in the free duel. In free duel, you don’t have to win every duel. You are just getting some cards and getting more starchips. The starchips are use to buy cards that you haven’t won yet. If you play the Yu-Gi-oh!: Trading Cards Game, on the bottom right you will see numbers. Those numbers are use to unlock the cards in this game. The graphics looks pretty good for a old game. Why can’t Sailor Moon SuperS on the PSone looks so good as this game? Because this game doesn’t look like Super NES. I like the graphics in this game better than Sailor Moon SuperS. When you are in duel, you can hit the square button on the card and you will see your monsters in 3D. The 3D graphics looks like early PlayStation 2 graphics. This game came out around 1999 in Japan. This game came to the US around 2002. That was the year when Yu-Gi-oh! was getting started in America. This gameplay runs alot smoother than the other Yu-Gi-oh! games I played in the past. The other Yu-Gi-oh! games I played in the past always slowed down and had some bug problems. If you like Yu-Gi-oh! and the card game, you will love Yu-Gi-oh!: Forbidden Memories.