World Wonderland

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

And again, we find another puzzle game designed to relax us into a drooling lull. While using a Rivers Mahjongg style format as opposed to a match 3 design was a good idea, and a little more challenging, the lack of graphics really showed, and this could have been done better. Alice has a good idea in attempting to build a theme park based on global landmarks, but the way we go about it is not quite right. This game should have been a builder strategy, and not a puzzle. Not only that, we have these irriating match 2 puzzles, and find the differences puzzles, and switch the images to build a bigger image puzzles. Add the bad graphics that we start off that don’t look anything like what we are expected to end up with, and we just get bored and cranky, like a toddler at one in the afternoon.

I’ve played other Rivers Mahjongg games, and this was certainly one of the lamest I have come across. The upbeat, jazzy music got repetitive and aggravating. Even having the challenge of a timer did not add excitement for me. This game needs a total redux, and should be sent back to the devs with a virus to delete the data that became World Wonderland.