The Warriors

Will November 22, 2019
The Warriors Poster
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

The Warriors for PS2 is one good fighting game that was a really good game and one of my favorites for the PS2. This game is base on the 1979 movie The Warriors, but I’m heading based off the book instead the movie. I never saw the movie or read the book. I’m only play the game. The graphics in this game look pretty good for a PS2 game from Rockstar. It looks way better GTA games for the PS2. The character models looks way better than GTA game from PS2 and the game looks more cleaner. It doesn’t looks blurry and doesn’t looks like GTA III graphics.

The gameplay in this game is quit impressive. It does remind me of Neverwinter Nights for PC, but almost using Dark Alliance controls. This game is a fighting game. You using combos in this game like crazy and you build your stamina in this game as well.There are so many types of levels, side quest, and mini games. You can play Story mode, go back to the past how the Warriors got set up, help the homeless and more other things you can do. Rumble mode were can play one on one, create your own gang. Rumble mode is a fun but get boring by yourself. It is more fun for 2 players instead one player.

There is an arcade game in this game and called arms of the nights. It is like Double Dragon and using 3-D graphics and runs like Double Dragon as well. The side quest in this game help you unlock new build set, add more items, and unlocks new gangs in rumble mode. Mini games in this game are working out. If you working out, you can get stronger later on the game. You can draw graffiti in this game. The graffiti mini game is like the first Harry Potter game for the PC. If remember playing Happy Potter on PC. you will remember how you have to use the mouse to tracing the line on the spell signs. This game is just like that, but using a stick instead of a mouse.

You can have weapon in this game, but there no guns. Your using trash cans, bats, chairs, knives, and empty beer bottles. No explosive weapon, no guns, or tanks. This is a fighting and a FPS game. The soundtrack in this game are like from the movie and some of classic songs from the 70’s that my mom and dad listens to. This game is good one to buy for the collection for the PS2 and it worth it.