The Treasures Of Montezuma

Rhonda February 12, 2015
Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

This is where it began, with an archeology student, Dr. Emily Jones, and a mission, which turns out to be far more involved than she ever imagined. So, using a grid, some funky coloured stones, many gems, and some crazy magickal tools, she sets off to find the connexion between the ancient civilizations both in the New and Olde World.

So, here with go, with a swap-style match 3 game done during the earlier days at the developers of Alawar Games, when for some reason, they were rather picky on how one could proceed to the next level in one of their games. In The Treasures Of Montezuma, like in many of their earlier games, you have to get everything they requested in a insanely short allotment of time, or you cannot proceed to the next puzzle until you do. This is where those tools come in handy. Your best bet is to work with those things that grant you more time. The orange idols, and the little clocks that appear on the grid when you get a special combo or a big score. As many times as it is nice to hear that guy say “Score Frenzy!” it is not going to help you when you need that extra time to get all the gems needed to get to the next level, and the number keeps rising with next level.

While the little diary readings and newspaper clippings make for a cute diversion in between levels, it cannot distract you from knowing that this game can be tedious if you do not unlock its secret strategies early on. Thank goodness that the game sequels were more flexible! If you must have the entire series, then good luck getting through this original set up, but remember later on the games get more flexible and far more interesting.