The Santa Clause – You’ve Never Seen Santa Quite Like This Before

Rhonda December 10, 2012

As lives go for divorced dads, Scott Calvin’s (Tim Allen) could be much better. He’s great at his job as an executive at a Toy Company, but as a dad, he’s really lacking. When his son, Charlie Calvin (Eric Lloyd) comes to spend Christmas Eve with him, things take a serious turnaround for the lives of everyone in the Calvin social circle. Charlie is a firm believer in the legend, as most kids are, but his mother, Laura Calvin Miller (Wendy Crewson), and psychiatrist stepfather, Dr. Neil Miller (Judge Reinhold) find that they want Charlie to let go of the story and believe in only what he can see.

So, after a night of a botched and burned Christmas Eve dinner, then going to Denny’s, Scott and Charlie go home and await the arrival of Santa. The most amazing thing happens. Santa actually shows up! Charlie hears thumping on the roof, and wakes Scott up to go investigate. They come outside, and find the old man and his sleigh and reindeer on the roof. Scott calls out, think the man might be an intruder, he calls out to him. The man on the roof slips, and falls to the ground. He does not move, and the next thing we know, he is gone, but there is a card in his suit that instructs whomever finds the suit to put it on. Scott goes to the roof to check out the sleigh, and Charlie follows him. Of course, Charlie takes the reins to the sleigh, because what kid would not like to drive Santa’s sleigh? Scott keeps trying to get him to stop, and Charlie gives him a guilt trip about the kids around the world not getting their gifts. Scott puts on the red suit, and they take over the job. By morning, they are at the North Pole, and entering a magical wintery world. Scott does not realise that by taking on the job for one night, he would be bound to The Santa Clause, a contract that will magically turn him into Santa as the year progresses.

He meets with his head elf, Bernard (David Krumholtz) that gives him the sum-up on everything that has happened and that will happen in the next year. Scott has a year to get his affairs in order, then the job becomes permanent. Charlie just can’t get enough of the fact that his dad is Santa, and when he comes home to his mother and Neil, it throws the non-believers for a real loop. The change starts to effect him at work, and kids are drawn to him wherever he goes. Even Scott is in denial over all the wondrous things happening to him, but when Yule comes around in the next years, Scott and Charlie, with some help from the elves, make everyone see things in a while new light.

This is fun family movie that always makes us laugh, and never gets old. There are two sequels, and Musings will have have reviews for all The Santa Clause movies for this season. As they said back in the day…. “Don’t change that dial!”

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆