The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

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When we heard that there was going to be a mummy film after the first two we were all excited. We looked forward to being albe to see our favorite mummy hunting and relique collecting duo doing what they do best, fighting mummies. While we do see the couple in this film they screwed it up and had some other actress play Evy and she didn’t even look like her at all! I know sometimes you have to change characters but to keep the main lead and then screw up how the lead actress is going to look is just a plain slap in the face of the fans of the Mummy films. They should have just had that character killed off in the war and not even put her in this film. Could have had Rick married to someone new or something like that but don’t bring in a blond Maria Bello to play a brunette part. Sure the film was ok and it has some action but without Rachel Weisz it was a total let down. Someone really screwed up with the casting on this one and I doubt we will ever see another The Mummy film ever made again because it was such a let down.

Lets look at what was good about the film, we do see Brendan Fraser come back as Rick O’Connell and we get to see his son Alex O’Connell (Luke Ford) all grown up and leading a dig of his own. We even see Jonathan Carnahan (John Hannah) again as a successful bar or rather show lounge owner in China. Makes you wonder how the character was able to actually grow up enough to not wind up drunk and in jail constantly. Another excellent part to the film is the back story of the Dragon Emperor (Jet Li) and his quest for eternal life. Jet is one of those actors that can play just about any role that is given to him and will succeed in his performance of that role. The outfits were all authentic and period looking and great attention to detail was paid in the sets and computer animations and effects for the film.

Thousands of years ago the Emperor feels that he can not accomplish all that he wants in just one lifetime. Knowing that he has to defeated death he starts looking for a way to do it. His quest leads him to the witch Zi Yuan (Michelle Yeoh) who tell him that she does not have what he seeks but might know where to find the answer. He sends his most trusted general, General Yang (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang) and Zi to go retrieve the information and tells Yang that no one is to touch her, the Emperor wants to have her for himself. Of course the 2 fall in love and the General is ordered killed and Zi curses him and all his warriors to be terracotta warriors forever.

Now in the present time for the O’Connells Rick is bored, Evy is trying to sell books and wont let Rick tough her as she tries to write. He hasn’t been lucky in some time and takes to shooting fish to let off steam. From there it is a weak plot that gets them to China for the rest of the film. You could literally watch the first 15 minutes and then the last 15 minutes and know what happens in the film. With the actress change and the weak plot line you forget the film fast and wonder what it is that you just watched. Is it fun to watch? Yes. Will you remember it like you did the first 2? Not likely.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆ 

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