The Clockwork Man

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

While I was excited of the fact that The Clockwork Man was a hidden object mystery game with a flair for steampunk design and not taking itself too seriously with a perky British heroine living in 1890s London. She just happens to be the niece of an inventor living in the colony of New Coventry, down in South America. The graphics were lovely, very much keeping with the theme of the steampunk era and the disappearance of Miranda Calomy’s uncle. As with most hidden object mysteries, we search for objects, but this time in an unconventional way. The screens can be zoomed in to other parts of the screen to get a closer look. Other puzzles feature a scrolling screen, where you will search with a more panoramic scope, and there is also the regular static screen.

Miranda has a small brass robot as a companion. Sprocket keeps track of the times you ask for hints, and can give you different ways to search for the items that are difficult to see. You can view an area with a general wide scope, or zoom in closer to pinpoint an object. Also, Sprocket keeps track of what kind of tools he uses to assist you with. Sometimes they take two pips of his energy, sometimes they take more. If you don’t use all his energy pips, you can take more than one hint at a time, but he can only hold seven pips. If you drain Sprocket’s energy down to zero pips, then you will have to wait for the hints.

The Clockwork Man looks stunning, but the game moved a bit slow, and the music was a mood killer, and it was far too relaxing. I really just could not get into this game. If they do create another game with Miranda Calomy as its star, I hope it is more exciting than The Clockwork Man.