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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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This piece of fictional history follows the never-ending lifetime of most everyone’s favourite X-Man, Wolverine, but in this we meet him first as a 12 year old boy know as James Logan. The year is 1845, and James is being visited by his friend, Victor Creed. This is taking place in the NW Territories of Canada, where James’ father works as a local doctor. As James and Victor are having their visit, they hear shouting and gunshots downstairs. Victor’s father has come over, and he is not calling for Victor, but for James’ mother. After James’ father is shot, he learns that he is Victor’s half-brother, and this leads them down a path working as mercenaries through many wars over the last one hundred fifty years. These are the mutants that will later become Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Sabertooth (Liev Schriber).

Rio: He’s going to the wildest, most magical place on earth … home.

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This romantic comedy adventure is about as cute as it can get, and features the coming together of not one couple, but two. About fifteen years ago, a young blue macaw, Blu, was taking to the skies for the first time as a baby. It was Carnival! time in the city of Rio de Janeiro, but sadly, Blu was going to miss his first Carnival! as he was captured by poachers. So, Blu never learns to fly. He just never got the chance. He was shipped off to an exotic pets dealer in the States, where he lands on a snowy street in the tiny town of Moose Lake, Minnesota, and is found by a young girl, Linda Gundersen. The two instantly become the best of friends, and constant companions. But things are about to change for Blu and Linda.