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Journey to the Center of the Earth: Same Planet. Different World.

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There are many film versions of this classic Jules Verne tale out there, but this updated, fast-paced version from 2008 is a rollercoaster ride that grips you from almost the very beginning and does not let got for the next 90+ minutes. This version takes up pretty close to the basic story that Verne put together, and there are often references made to Verne and they even carry paperback version of the book with them.

Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser) is a nerdy geology professor that has been losing students, but stays with the same college in order to keep his late brother’s research going. His lab is about to be shut down due to budget cuts. Add the fact that the pompous head of his department, Professor Alan Kitzens (Seth Meyers) wants convert the lab to storage space, things are looking pretty bleak for the Anderson brother’s project right now. Trevor also has a family obligation over the next few days. His nephew, Sean (Josh Hutcherson) is coming to visit while his mother is closing a deal on their new home in Ottowa. When Elizabeth (Jane Wheeler) and Sean get to Trevor’s flat, they find out that Trevor forgot all about the visit.