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Youda Camper

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Fun Factor:½☆☆☆☆ 

Some games were meant to be played and enjoyed while others should just be covered up and never seen again, Youda Camper is one of those last types of game. The controls are not very intuitive and the peeps in the game are not very, shall we say, bright. They come to the gate asking for one tent and you give it to them and then all the sudden they are saying that is not what they were wanting at all. I know the customer is always supposed to be right but with this game it is rather unreasonable the way that they are. Another aspect of the game that is not very good for the player is that all the people coming to the gate are stacked up on one another so that when you grab one car to place with a tent you might actually get the other care instead. There is no way to lengthen the cue for the vehicles so you never know if you have it right or not.