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Sniglet of the Day : May 31

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Sniglet Of The DayBuffoonerosis – The irresistable urge one sometimes gets, while in polite society, to get up and whack the host(ess) in the face with the flowery centerpiece. For the hell of it.

This is not only the season for barbeques and baseball games, but tea dances, lavish weddings, cotillions, and other hoi pilloi events. If you are ever lucky or unlucky enough to be invited to some of these, and you find yourself wanting to lash out at the snobs and snooties, you might be coming down with buffoonerosis. Most of is know that all those flowery centerpieces are only purely aesthetic. You can’t eat them or wear them, but after spending so much time at the open bar, you might find yourself wanting to see how well that centerpiece might fit on the face of the person who arranged this party. This is a time to be happy and have fun, but how much fan can one have at a party when you have to be so careful about what you might say so you won’t offend someone? How much fun can one have when you are worried about what kind of mess might end up on that rented tux or cocktail dress? Buffoonerosis is starting to look pretty good, and so is stripping off the monkey suits and skinny-dipping in the country club pool, that is, after you make the the host or hostess try the centerpiece on for size. Well, most people do resist the urge to do this, because of legal complications. If you ever feel buffoonerosis coming on, calm down, and head to the open bar for another drink. Those free mai-tais might be the only thing that gets you through the day.