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December 12, 2018 Will
From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love is game based off from a James Bond movie and this game is better than the movie. The voice actor who James Bond himself is Sean Connery. The first James Bond. So this game doesn’t have Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig. This game has lots of action and a ready multiplayer mode, but it is not online. The multiplayer mode is like the old Golden Eye on the N64. Up to 4 people can play and have fun, but you can’t solo in multiplayer. That really sucks. The single player on the other hand is really fun to play. The gameplay is just like Everything or Nothing, but little more updated. So this game is in……

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December 5, 2012 Cleave
The Rock (1996) Alcatraz. Only one man has ever broken out. Now He Has To Break In!

This film is more then just a movie but also has in it a message about war and its effects and its consequences, especially those surrounding illegal Black Ops missions. It shows how sometimes those heroes are forgotten and how they are shoved to the way side just to save face in the world’s public view. It show just how things can go horribly wrong when a man of honor crosses the line in the name of honor to save the families of those that have fallen. Message aside the film is also very good, no matter what the Michael Bay critics might say. It is full of action, good dialog and is actually quite believable in what they show……

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April 3, 2012 Rhonda
The Hunt for Red October: Invisible. Silent. Stolen.

This early 90s picture was made during the waning days of the Cold War, but it is set in a time when we were still on high alert. In 1984, the Soviet Union was still very strong, and nuclear subs on both sides of the world had to power to level cities. This is based on one of the very successful books in the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series. In this story, Jack (Alec Baldwin) is working for the CIA as a consultant as his wife (Gates McFadden) works through her residency in London. At this time, a new wold has been put to sea out of Polijarny Inlet, and she is the Red October. Her captain is Marko Ramius……

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November 19, 2011 Cleave
Highlander: There Can Only Be One (1986)

For thousands of years they have fought each other and killed each other to claim the prize. Only one of them can claim it and it is the power of them all. In the end there can only be one and Connor MacLeod want to make sure that he is the last one left to claim it. He was born in the highlands of Scotland in 1536 and he is The Highlander. Now he is Russell Nash, an antique dealer trying to hide out in plain site till the time of the gathering. Connor (Christopher Lambert) was loved by his kinsmen and he would do anything for them. When they went into battle so did he to both protect them……

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April 5, 2011 Cleave
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Two of the greatest actors of all time together in one film, what is not to love. This film is action packed and even had River Phoenix as Young Indy to get the attention of the teenies, which Harison Ford himself suggested. This film really is a wild ride from the deserts of the Midwest to the deserts of the Mid East. Everyone who sees this film is going to find something to love in it even if the main actress is way too thin in scenes. Hollywood please feed your actresses PLEASE! Sorry for the PSA there, women should have curves and not be flat and boring as boards. Even if Ford is a carpenter he should not have……

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