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April 3, 2012 Rhonda
The Hunt for Red October: Invisible. Silent. Stolen.

This early 90s picture was made during the waning days of the Cold War, but it is set in a time when we were still on high alert. In 1984, the Soviet Union was still very strong, and nuclear subs on both sides of the world had to power to level cities. This is based on one of the very successful books in the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series. In this story, Jack (Alec Baldwin) is working for the CIA as a consultant as his wife (Gates McFadden) works through her residency in London. At this time, a new wold has been put to sea out of Polijarny Inlet, and she is the Red October. Her captain is Marko Ramius……

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October 28, 2011 Rhonda
Sucker Punch: You Will Be Unprepared.

I’ve only seen a few of Zack Snyder’s movies, and the few that I have seen have left me confused. Sucker Punch is just another of his movies that has done that. This is one movie I will most definitely buy the soundtrack for, the movie, not so much. In the opening, we see a blonde girl dressed in pink on a brass bed on a stage, and she is facing the wall. We get a quick history of why things are looking like they do. Rich woman dies, leaving her fortune to her two daughters. The estate is to go to the stepfather (Gerard Plunkett) if something happens to the girls. He is going to make sure it happens.……

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