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Sniglet of the Day : April 2

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Sniglet Of The DayEventitis (event-eye-tes) – The feeling or state of mind that you are in after going nonstop away from home for several days.

You see this a lot with groups like the SCA and with people that do Medieval Fairs and fantasy festivals. You even see it with regular event goers and business people that travel a lot, especially if they spend a lot of time outside. It is that feeling of complete lethargy and tiredness that you just can not explain. It is even worse if you are camping in an area that has many fires going and lots of libations that are free flowing. For several days you are in it even when it rains or snows. Usually you have rain one day and then a scorching sun the next to really make the mugginess set in. At the time you are not paying much attention to it but when you finally get home it hits you hard the next day. Even worse if there were a lot of fires.

All’s Faire in Love

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All's FaireBe careful when you find a great deal on a DVD at a local discount store, because it might not be worth the $5 you plunked down for it. I took an interest in All’s Faire in Love for two reasons. I used to be in the SCA , and I like Christina Ricci’s work, ever since her days of The Addams Family and Casper. I could have skipped this one. It did have some good names in the cast, like Cedric the Entertainer, and Ann-Margaret. This little bit of fluff was sort of degrading to Cedric, especially compared to his performances in the Barbershop movies. As to Ann-Margaret, she’s pretty much been doing fluff since Bye Bye Birdie, but they are not the main characters in this… I guess it’s a romantic comedy.

Ronan’s Shepherds Pie

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In the SCA : Society for Creative Anachronism I am known as Ronan Mac a’ Chaladair, hence the name Ronan’s Shepherds Pie. This is a variation on a classic that will have them coming back for more. This dish was once taken to a Sunday pot luck and I got the pan back dinged and dented from the inside. They wanted to make sure that they ate every last morsel of this dish. Just to note all the meat dishes around the pan were barely touched :) This dish is very hearty meal and filling so be prepared to make sure you have room in the fridge for the left overs that are going to be as good the second night as they were the first.