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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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This piece of fictional history follows the never-ending lifetime of most everyone’s favourite X-Man, Wolverine, but in this we meet him first as a 12 year old boy know as James Logan. The year is 1845, and James is being visited by his friend, Victor Creed. This is taking place in the NW Territories of Canada, where James’ father works as a local doctor. As James and Victor are having their visit, they hear shouting and gunshots downstairs. Victor’s father has come over, and he is not calling for Victor, but for James’ mother. After James’ father is shot, he learns that he is Victor’s half-brother, and this leads them down a path working as mercenaries through many wars over the last one hundred fifty years. These are the mutants that will later become Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Sabertooth (Liev Schriber).

Blade Trinity – The Final Hunt Begins

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While I like the Blade concept and the first film that Wesley Snipes did, this film seemed to go over the top with language, even more so then the second one. In the first film it worked well without all of the bad language but for some reason the film makes filled this one so full of it that when you are done watching it that is all you seem to remember. The film has a decent plot but all of the 4 letter words and gutter slang in this film makes it hard to watch at times. The language is not the only thing wrong with the film but some of the acting as well. What I am referring to is that of 2 of the main characters, Hannibal King and Danica Talos who have history with each other. I know they were going to big names to draw a crowd but PLEASE, why those two?!?!

Green Lantern (2011) No Evil Shall Escape My Sight

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DC Comics has always had a problem getting good films on screen. Usually they are way more corny then their comic book characters are but with Green Lantern the corn fits. Hal Jordan was always a nut case and the film carried that to the big screen well. Many might think that the character was just misrepresented but in every thing that I remember of Hal is that he was a jokester and not all that serious. They definitely picked the right actor to portray him in my opinion. Now I haven’t read the comics as faithful as other might have but the film seemed true to character and was worth the viewing of it. I even viewed it more then once and not just because I am writing about the film, I genuinely liked the film and how the characters were portrayed. Sure there are deviations but when is there not even from comic issue to comic issue. Just enjoy the film and then start reading the comic if you have not already done so. Green Lantern has always needed to come out of the shadow of the Dark Knight and Superman and this one let him do it.