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September 27, 2012 Rhonda
Magic Match

This game has been out for some time, but I had recently rediscovered it after losing it awhile back. Magic Match is one very addictive game, and it will keep you going for hours, and even days. You start out as a wizard on a little quest in an enchanted forest with a furry companion not unlike an Ewok. This annoying little dude is Giggles, and he is about the only annoying about this game, except for the bard that sings a silly little ditty between areas as you go on your quest. This is not the typical match 3 game, as you will be collecting components on the grid to cast spells and make potions. With each new area……

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April 10, 2011 Rhonda
Amazing Adventures : The Forgotten Dynasty

In Amazing Adventures : The Forgotten Dynasty , PopCap devs take us on another hidden object adventure. This time we are in China, looking for hidden objects in clear and concise pictures from the region. We know exactly when we find what we are looking for. We even receive bonuses when we find yin and yang in each picture. We are then challenged further with some logic puzzles, rotating jigsaw puzzles, and just like the song says, one thing leads to another… Each puzzle takes to a new place in China, from Great Wall to the junks in Kowloon Bay to the Forbidden City in Beijing. Amazing Adventures : The Forgotten Dynasty is another in the Amazing Adventures series that……

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