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A Simple Wish (1997) Fairy Godmothers aren’t what they used to be.

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A-Simple-Wish-1997-Bluray-Front-CoverA simple tale of a child wish this is not. This film is a story of Anabel and her love for her father, Oliver. She wants nothing for herself other than that her father gets the role that he has always wanted so that they can stay in New York City. Her father would like nothing better than to do that both for himself and his kids. So, in between auditions for operatic roles he spends his time as a carriage driver in Central Park. The only thing, at least in this film, getting in his way is a inept and bumbling fairy godmother, named Murry?

Doctor Strange The Sorcerer Supreme (2007)

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This straight to video film from Animated Marvel Features is one hell of a ride. It brings to life the comic book hero and updates the look to get a whole new generation hooked on the good doctor. It really does a good job of showing just how Doctor Steven Strange becomes the Sorcerer Supreme at a time when the world needs one most. The plot has been tweaked and streamlined from the comics and done is a way that gives it more drama and flair then what just plain pictures in a comic can give. You are able to see and feel the struggles and challenges that he must face to finally be free of his pain. While it might not follow the comic cell by cell it does it honor in the way that it was put together for this animated film.