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Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Need for Speed III is the first Hot Pursuit game of the series. It sounds like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit III, but it is not. Hot Pursuit III is on the PS3 and it is called Hot Pursuit.

In this game you can chose which track you want to play on and you can turn it off and on with traffic option. For me, I like playing in the traffic. You can play two players with this game, but you can’t play online. The reason why you can’t play online is that a PSone game. This game is really old. This has been around since 1998. This game is OK, but I like the second Hot Pursuit game better. The graphics of this game looks old school, but the graphics look OK. The gameplay looks OK as well. The gameplay runs like first Ridge Racer game, but Ridge Racer is better than this game. I know graphic didn’t look all that great, but I love the gameplay.