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Jurassic: The Hunted

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Jurassic :The Hunted is kind of like Call of Duty, but you are not shooting at people. You are killing dinosaurs.This game all about finding a scientist who was lost in time when he fell into a some time portal out in the sea. His daughter and bunch of marines are looking for the scientist in the middle of the sea and a time portal was popping up out of nowhere. They went into the time portal and they saw dinosaurs and some of the dinosaurs were trying to eat them.

They to ran some wall for cover and they found the scientist and they are finding equipment to go home. When I played this game it was a like Mysterious Island and Land of the Lost were mixed together.This game is a first person shooter so, if a dinosaurs jumps at your face you’ll be freaking out. In this game you have many different weapons, ranging from the steampunk era to the future. When you are playing, you will going to hear this marine, your avatar saying as he goes along, “I hate dinosaurs.” When playing, you are going to be killing big, nasty, prehistoric bugs in this game. So, if want something that jumps at your face or if your a first person shooter enthusiast, try Jurassic:The Hunted.

Major Payne (1995)

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Benson Winifred Payne is a Major in the Marines and loves to serve his country killing anyone or anything that is a threat to it. He will also make sure that any pain that you might have is shifted away from where it is by first telling you that you might feel a bit of pressure. Pressure for sure as he totally dislocates your finger and you totally forget about any of the pain you were feeling in the rest of your body. Killing is his business and business has been good until now. He has been passed over for promotion and now must find a way to live a civilian life but is it ready for him. Just after 2 weeks he and society are so far apart that he winds up in jail after a job interview. That is where Gen. Decker finds him to tell him he found a way to keep him in the Corp.

Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

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Its August 2011 and a group of meteors are headed toward Earth and it looks like they are going to hit all up and down the western sea board with their current trajectory. No one really thinks about it, they all look small enough to just burn up in the atmosphere or will they? Why does it seem that they are all targeted to land only in the water and not on land? Something just doesn’t look right with this cluster of rocks, or are they even rocks? It is when they look closer that the nations worlds find out that it is something even more sinister then just random rocks showing up out of nowhere. The cluster of so called meteors are in fact mechanical in nature and it doesn’t seem that there is anything that we can do about it but wait. Wait for them to get here and then wait for the end. That is how this space caused war thriller of a film starts out. It is fast paced and doesn’t really stop, not even at the end.