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Herbie Goes Bananas: The Road To Rio Has Never Been Bumpier!

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When Pete Stanechek (Stephen W. Burns) inherits a car from his uncle, Jim Douglas, he has to go to Puerto Vallarta to pick it up, and this begins another whirlwind adventure for everyone’s favourite 1963 soft top Super Beetle, Herbie! 53 is now racing from Mexico to Rio by land and sea to become a contender in the Brasil Grand Primeo race, but he has to survive many obstacles first. He makes an instant friend with a orphan boy, Paco (Joaquin Garay III) with a talent for fast talk and thievery. Pete and his friend, D.J. (Charles Martin Smith) aren’t the only victims of Paco’s smooth moves. While trying to con some shady businessmen, Paco comes across three treasure seeking conmen, Prindle (John Vernon), Quinn (Alex Rocco), and Shepard (Richard Jaeckel) that are looking to take their own expedition to South America.

Review: Herbie Fully Loaded

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Herbie Fully LoadedHerbie Fully Loaded is one of those fun family films that you will want to keep and cherish for years to come. Lindsay Lohan does a wonderful job as the new driver for Herbie the wonderful bug that we all have come to love and adore. It makes a perfect addition to all of the Herbie films and TV episodes that you may have already collected or want to collect.

Herbie is down on his luck and has lost another owner and has been carted off to the junkyard. Herbie seeing that this might be the end tries to escape but is stopped by the owner of the scrapyard and his wheel removed so he can’t try it again. The scrapyard owner is determined to make sure that the car will never be a bother ever again by crushing him and selling Herbie for scrap. That is where Lindsay Lohan finds Herbie or rather Herbie finds her.