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Sniglet of the Day : February 14

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Sniglet Of The DaySweetectors – Little corrugated paper cups that divide and protect individual chocolates in a valentine’s candy heart or sampler box.

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you happen to be lucky enough to receive a box of chocolates today, or even if you don’t and you are smart enough to jump on those after holiday candy sales, you are going to have to deal with sweetectors. These are little dark brown paper cups that come in many different shapes to coordinate to whatever little treat might sit within them in that box of chocolates. That is all they do, oh, and they tend to leave a big mess in whatever room those chocolates happen to be in whenever children or pets might get into them. Usually, these are the perfect clue to find whatever little chocolate thieves might have been into your candy. You can follow the sweetector trail to a child or pet whom will have a melted mess of chocolate on his or her hands or paws, and face. So, it seems that sweetectors do more that divide and protect you candy, but they are a wonderful aid in candy forensics. Often, empty sweetectors are also a reminder of how many chocolates have been consumed, telling you in their silent way to slow down on your candy consumption, because soon the thrill will be over, unless you want to make your own candies to refill them with, which really might not be a bad idea if people are wanting you to share those chocolates with them. Hit those sales early tomorrow, because leftover valentine’s chocolates are pretty diversive, and can be used in all kinds of desserts and baking. Remember to remove the sweetectors when you do this.