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A Bug’s Life – An epic of miniature proportions

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It’s hard to believe that Pixar has been part of our lives for nearly twenty years, and this movie is just another in their amazing line-up of great family hits. This is a tale told from a miniscule POV, and it features the ants in a colony and a gang of grasshoppers that exploit these ants and their hard-working ways. In every community, there is an oddball, and in this colony, this Flik (Dave Foley), an enterprising ant with big ideas and inventions made of simple things like dew, grass, and burrs. Right about now, the ants of Ant Island are making an annual offering of grain, fruits, and berries for the grasshoppers. The old queen (Phyllis Diller) is training her daughter, Princess Atta (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) to take over for her office, and Atta is stressing over little things. Her little sister, Dot (Hayden Panettiere) wants to help, but all the grown-ups keep syaing she is too little. She goes off to find Flik, since she is about the only one whom gets what he’s about. This is right after he as shown Atta, whom is his crush, by the way, all his time-saving tools. As he and Dot are talking, the warning horns go off, and the ants scurry into the hill, and Flik is the last one to go. He drops his grain harvester on the offering stone, and the thing breaks, and knocks over the supporting rocks, and the food all goes into the drink.