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Kitchen Brigade

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

If you are really into Food Network style shows like Iron Chef, or variations thereof, then Kitchen Brigade might be right up you alley. Definitely a sequel to Cooking Academy games, this one is a little more relaxing, in that you actually have a team of NPCs helping you out. You have to succeed in running different types of ethnic restaurants, and really impress the judge of the competition before you can go on to the phase. The cuisine is everything from traditional American to Japanese-Thai, it covers the globe, and we get different kinds of customers that have personalities that will work for or against us, depending on how patient they are. There are impatient ones, and you can bribe them with cookies, but I think it would take more than a cookie to keep real people on the go from losing it.

2 Tasty

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

I had promised that I would review the original 2 Tasty after doing its sequel, and I am so glad I did! This game played far more smoothly than the second one. The hidden object/time management premise was still there, but instead of scrolling the screen to find ingredients, we simply right-click to switch to another screen, which takes us to a pantry. Libby and Cole are running their first hometown bakeries and outlets, and we still get all those wonderful recipes, but with a more at home feel. Well, these are just as fattening as anything we’d see at Food Network, but what do you expect at a bakery? We are still getting that story between levels about how Libby and Cole got together, but without the narrative and the voice acting, which made the game run smoother, since it is quicker to read the dialogue than listen to it. Thanks to that, we can get on with the game, and it made it much more fun. There were more beverages in this game, too, so we had another option of equipment to work with while the mixers and oven were occupied. 2 Tasty was much more enjoyable than 2 Tasty Too, but both are worth the time.