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Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2

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Fun Factor:★★★½☆ 

I did find Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 to be far more superior to Mahjongg Artifacts. It took us on a different path from the original game, and featured a new character while still incorporating characters from the first game. This sequel also featured Marc, and his sister, Kathrin. We find Kathrin in Japan when she learns about Marc’s disappearance, and through a myriad of mahjongg puzzles, we go on a hunt across Asia and Europe to find him, using puzzles based on the cultures of Japan, China, India, and Central Europe. I did find it very cool that the European puzzle tiles featured images from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. It seems that between game one and game two, Marc became endowed with magical powers that would take one extreme to another. He devastated India with his powers. In places that were thriving, yet full of vice, he would send poverty. Where people were starving, they would suddenly become fat. Where there was sever drought, suddenly there were floods. It was too much, too soon. In Europe, Kathrin would look for signs of sorcery, but once she found a medium, the medium informed her that even the gods had grown weary of Marc’s extreme ways.