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June 17, 2019 Rhonda
Granny Cantrell’s

“Your very own whistle-stop cafe’… Granny Cantrell’s!” That’s how the jingle goes when you hear it on many of the Panama City radio stations, and they nailed it when they sang that ditty. Cleave and I hit this little local game on 23rd St. for breakfast one day, and the place blows Waffle House away! My only regret was that we could not have been there for lunch instead. It was a Wednesday, and that day’s special was corned beef and cabbage. Cleave had been in a mood for something maple-y that day, and since we both had doctor’s appointments in town then, it was from Baldwin Ave. to Granny Cantrell’s, then to Pier Park, then back to Gulf Coast……

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June 26, 2014 Cleave
Homemade Whole Egg Mayo in a Blender

Here is a smart tasty mayonnaise recipe that is easy to make. You can make it any time you need to and with your regular blender that you use for drinks and smoothies. It takes in all about 15 minutes and my wife constantly begs me to make it, she thinks it tastes that good. Before you begin you want to make sure you have a blender that is multi speed. You may wonder why this is so or why not make a large batch at once, the answer is simple, heat. I once tried to make a large batch and wound up with oily scrambled eggs instead of a spreadable condiment. If you have speeds that are too fast……

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August 5, 2011 Cleave
Youda Survivor

Ever wonder what it would be like to wash up on the shore of some seemingly deserted island and actually find people there that worship you like some hero? Ever wonder what it would be like to actually help them and prove that you are the hero that they think you are? Well you don’t have to wonder about that any longer as in this game you are just that. You are the hero that has washed up on shore and the natives think that you are the hero that their legends had prophesied about. You are the one that is going to save them if you can just figure out how to do that with them having you egg……

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