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Sniglet of the Day: December 27

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Sniglet Of The DayCarcreak – n. Those crackling, tinkling, creaky noises your car makes after you park and turn it off.

We’ve all heard the carcreak. It’s like the car doesn’t know that you have shut it off, and it’s still going through the motions of trying to shut down. What exactly is it doing? It can actually be a little creepy, hearing all those creaky and tinging noises as you walk away from your parking space or garage. You just want to say, “I shut you off, would you shut up already!” I mean you are there with the keys in your hand, so you know the car is off, but why does it keep whining as you are walking away. it is only a machine, right? Some people don’t think so, else they would not invest so much money or care into their cars, but even those cars still have a carcreak. Don’t get creeped out as your cat attempts to cool itself down. Even cookies sizzle a little bit when you pull them from the oven. Think of the carcreak as one giant cookie, and the analogy is pretty sound, but the sound of a carcreak sure isn’t.