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Dudley Do-Right : A New Kind Of Hero

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Dudley-Do-Right-1999-DVD-Cover-FrontSometimes Musings has to take a look back at some of the DVDs we’ve acquired over the years, and we might come across gems, and we might come across things like…. “When and why did we buy this?”

Such was the question when we found Dudley Do-Right in our stash. We do know why we bought it, simply because we were kids in the 60s when the old cartoon was part of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Brendan Fraser has also just come from a great success with The Mummy just before this movie was released, and was soon becoming one of the actors we enjoyed seeing, so the nostalgia from the 60s cartoon and the 20s adventure story reeled us in. As many a confuzzled Aussie might say when seeing this film, “Oi!”

Inkheart : Every story ever written is just waiting to become real.

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This sleeper family hit was much overlooked by the industry when it came out three years ago. It could be the heavy European overtones, or the fact that it was a subject matter that was hard for mainstream Hollywood to grasp at, but Inkheart is a movie that really should not be missed. So, let me tell you a bit about Mortimer Folchart (Brendan Fraser) and his family.

Mortimer or “Mo” for short, is what is known as a “silvertongue”. He has a magical ability to bring life to fictional characters and things from books as he reads them. One night, as he was reading the book “Inkheart” to his daughter and wife, his talent came to life, and suddenly his world was turned upside down as two villainous characters known as “Capricorn” (Andy Serkis) and “Basta” (Jamie Foreman) came from the book. The downside of having the abilities of a silvertongue is that if someone comes out a book, someone from this world is drawn back into the book. That night, Mo lost his wife, Resa Folchart (Sienna Guillory) to this magic, and has been searching for this rare book, Inkheart, ever since. Not only did he release Capricorn that night, but another character, Dustfinger (Paul Bettany), an entertainer with the ability to manipulate fire, and a little mischievous ferret with horns, Gwin, as well.

The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

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When we heard that there was going to be a mummy film after the first two we were all excited. We looked forward to being albe to see our favorite mummy hunting and relique collecting duo doing what they do best, fighting mummies. While we do see the couple in this film they screwed it up and had some other actress play Evy and she didn’t even look like her at all! I know sometimes you have to change characters but to keep the main lead and then screw up how the lead actress is going to look is just a plain slap in the face of the fans of the Mummy films. They should have just had that character killed off in the war and not even put her in this film. Could have had Rick married to someone new or something like that but don’t bring in a blond Maria Bello to play a brunette part. Sure the film was ok and it has some action but without Rachel Weisz it was a total let down. Someone really screwed up with the casting on this one and I doubt we will ever see another The Mummy film ever made again because it was such a let down.

Journey to the Center of the Earth: Same Planet. Different World.

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There are many film versions of this classic Jules Verne tale out there, but this updated, fast-paced version from 2008 is a rollercoaster ride that grips you from almost the very beginning and does not let got for the next 90+ minutes. This version takes up pretty close to the basic story that Verne put together, and there are often references made to Verne and they even carry paperback version of the book with them.

Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser) is a nerdy geology professor that has been losing students, but stays with the same college in order to keep his late brother’s research going. His lab is about to be shut down due to budget cuts. Add the fact that the pompous head of his department, Professor Alan Kitzens (Seth Meyers) wants convert the lab to storage space, things are looking pretty bleak for the Anderson brother’s project right now. Trevor also has a family obligation over the next few days. His nephew, Sean (Josh Hutcherson) is coming to visit while his mother is closing a deal on their new home in Ottowa. When Elizabeth (Jane Wheeler) and Sean get to Trevor’s flat, they find out that Trevor forgot all about the visit.

The Mummy Returns : Adventure Is Reborn

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Come to a time at the very beginning of Western Civilisation, where kingdoms and empires were still at an experimental phase, and strength was pretty much found on the battleground as to which nations would rise and which would fall. Mathayus (Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock), the Akkadian, aka, The Scorpion King, on his campaign to take over Egypt’s Upper Kingdom, and he is failing. His armies have been out on campaign for far too long, and are dying off from battle and plain old wear and tear. Soon he finds himself the sole survivor, and makes a pact with Anubis, the Death God, to make him successful and dominant once again. A giant black scorpion comes up to Mathayus, and he takes a bite from the poisonous arachnid to seal the pact, and the Am Shere Desert springs to life all around him, and The Scorpion King’s plans are back on track until Anubis comes to claim Mathayus at the height of his power. Go ahead two thousand years, Seti is pharoah, and we get a recap of the romantic triangle between Seti, Anck Su Namun, and Imhotep. What we did not know is that Seti’s daughter, Nefertiri, witnessed her father’s brutal murder by his two trusted friends.