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Shamanville : Earth Heart

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FunFactor: ★★☆☆☆ 

Shamanville: Earth Heart is a story about a tribe that has had the Heart of the Earth stolen by some barbarian horde, and your little explorers are sent out to retrieve it. The graphics are really basic, downright primitive, in fact, featuring a sort of Inuit look. You use the mouse to guide the explorers by using different kinds of mouse-drawn lines. An arc makes a bridge over a gap, a side-ways “S” makes a portal that leads to another portal on the board. You can block their path, or the path of the monsters that are out to get them with a slanted slash, but all these drawn guides are temporary, and if one of your little explorers goes astray or gets left behind by the others, someone will die. Whether it be on those huge spiky fishbones or by one of those monsters that escaped from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, you will find that keeping these little tribal explorers on the right path is a frustrating test of will and skill. The music is also primitive and repetitive, so if you don’t get tired of having to redo the same puzzles over and over again, the music might make you feel a little batty. This is not time management, or hidden objects. It seems like a simply lay the path game, but the paths are hardly simple. If you can get past some of quirky timing, Shamanville : Earth Heart might be your kind of game.