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Chocolatier 2 : Secret Ingredients

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients has pretty much the same gameplay style as Chocolatier, but this sequel is set in the Jazz age, and you now work for Alexandra Tangye, the new head of Baumeister Confections, and granddaughter of Evangeline Baumeister. There are more ingredients to track down, shady characters to deal with, and a new feature. An experimentation laboratory where you can make, supposedly, your own creations, but the game has still locked you into their mold, so your own “creations” might not be too tasty unless the game devs had programmed them into the game. Still, it is just as much fun as the original game as a business simulation. There are new locations open, and you can move around the globe quicker with the new transportation technology now in 1926 that was missing in 1880. Those new-fangled airplanes will take you anywhere! You will be actually travelling down the Amazon River in a dugout canoe at one point to get plantains and fire ants!? As a person who lives in Florida with those pesky ants everywhere around, I can say, Do Not Want!, but apparently in this game, they are quite the delicacy. You will even find yourself in remote Polynesian Islands in search of tropical fruits for your candies and searching the Himalayas for exotic teas and Alexandra’s missing ex-boyfriend, whom she really wants to marry. Not only are you making candy, but stopping an arranged marriage. Whoa! Get a taste of Chocolatier 2 : Secret Ingredients right now.