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Call of the Ages

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Playrix has a way of putting out some fun and addictive match 3 games, and this Kyodai-style swap-tile game is just one of many. If you ever played Atlantis Quest back in the days of early casual gaming, then you will find that Call of the Ages is very similar, but broadens your search to a much larger and more timely area as you are put in charge of finding various artifacts in history in a worldwide hunt.

Your first search starts in the U.S. during the Colonial Period where you are to look for an Iroquois peace pipe, and it goes from there to just about everywhere. You bring down tiles, swapping until the pieces of the artifact fall into place. You gain bombs, lightning bolts and other magical tools along the way, but it is best to hold off on using those until you reach the end of a puzzle, and that on little stubborn piece won’t come loose.