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Sniglet of the Day : August 10

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Confuzidiotic- When something is so screwy and confusing, yet it incorporates some kind of fuzzy logic. The best example of this would be teenage relationships.

So, your are feeling confuzidiotic, and somehow, it situation warrants it. You could be at school, work, a concert, or maybe a ballgame, maybe even in an MMO. then odd conversations start creeping into your ears or across your chat bar, and you are simply sitting there going, “Eh? What just happened?” You have just become confuzidiotic, but that’s okay. It happens everywhere, and to everybody, but some people just hide this better than others do. If you happen to run across someone who is confuzidiotic, don’t chastise them for not getting what’s going on right away. For some, the fuzzy logic part takes a little longer to sink in. With all the data that streams our way, and some of it being not worth much of anything to figure out, like the texting conversations of teens about who might be going out with this person even though that person likes them, etc. ad nauseum, maybe it is better to just let all the silly stuff slide, and peel down all the layers to the logical part.