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Sniglet of the Day : April 10

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Sniglet Of The DayPercussive Maintenance (pur-kuh-shun mayt-nuns) n. Repairing an electronic appliance by giving it a good whack.

There was a time when electronics were pretty basic, and so analog that whenever it would go wonky, you could always get it running properly by giving it a good whack. This worked for just about everything, TVs, radios, console stereos, unless you were using the turntable. Hells, if your car had a manual transmission, you could get it running just by giving the dashboard a good pounding. This supposed abuse to electronic devices was not hurting them at all. It was simply Percussive Maintenance. This is now just a nostalgic memory for some people, and those learning about it now will wonder why their little gadgets aren’t so simple to fix when they break down. The old gadgets and TVs were simple, not filled with multitudes of tiny, fragile chips. Some diodes, a big glass tube, a transmitter, and some speakers, and that was it! The radios were pretty much the same, sans the picture tube. Some days you could pick up signals from stations a 100 miles away, no satellite or cables involved. AM radios would pick up broadcasts from hundreds of miles away at night. In fact, sometimes you still can get those long distance broadcasts, if you bother to actually switch to the AM band. Percussive Maintenance is something we’ll most likely never see again, but it was cheaper than replacing a 1080p LED screen.