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European Mystery: Flowers of Death Collector’s Edition

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

European Mystery: Flowers of Death was the first in this series by Blam! Games that I have tried. While it has that historic feel and 18th century look, the voice acting was very North American. If it were not for the truly Dutch architecture of the time period, one would not know that this game had a historical setting. As to the mystery itself, we are a detective investigating a strange phenomenon of a town that has been taken over by what seems to be magically enhanced poisonous plants, mostly flowers and flowering vines.

We have a few allies in the town. A botanist who gave the town warning of what was to come, but he really has no idea of the shady dealings and corruption done by the banker with certain merchants and some of the staff in the police department (no big surprise there!). What the botanist has is a talent for finding things out through his science, and using his formulas and your keen senses, you will find the dirty low down on why the plants have gone crazy.

Review:Love & Death;Bitten

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

In a nice change of pace from the regular puzzle games, I’m taking you into a hidden object mystery from the 18th Century filled with dark magick, logic puzzles, hidden objects, and vampiric spells. Damon has become a vampire through the machinations of a dark queen of the night, and on a hunt, he spots a tasty morsel of a meal that turns out to be the one person who can lift his curse. I really enjoyed helping Victoria in breaking the spells that held her dark prince and the turn in a surprise ending that looks like it could spawn a sequel, which I hope it does. Like the current trend in vampire fiction, Love and Death: Bitten has a romantic twist, but with its historical Olde World setting, it is very different than what we see on the big screen, and even the little screen these days. So come where horror and romance mix in a fun way, and you’ll want to keep playing along with Love and Death: Bitten as much as I did.