Sylvari Ranger Creation Guild Wars 2 3rd Open Beta Weekend

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This marks the 3rd open beta weekend for Guild Wars 2. This is the last one that they are going to be having before they release the entire game to the public on August 28 of this year. For those that pre-purchased the game, they will get a 3 day head start. It is sure to be one hell of a week when it is released. As to this weekend all characters were wiped and everyone is making new characters. What makes it even more special is that we can now make Sylvari and Asura characters.

Here below is a video of a character being created, a Sylvari Ranger. The video shows all of the steps that you take when you are creating a character. I have added some narration to the video so you know what is going on. You will also hear the games music as well so you know what to expect when you finally create your own character. Just so you know, each option that you choose will change the video that you get to see after character creation. You determine what it is that you are going to see as you choose your characters traits and pick their life choices. So your video might not be like the one that you see here because of that fact.

Here are some screen-shots of the character creation process that show the many different options that you can have in detail. You will notice that each class has its own look and its own starting gear and you get to see it all right here. Remember that each choice you make will always change the outcome of what it is that you see during the making of your character during character creation.

Hope to see you all inside and I hope that you really enjoy yourself. I invite you to post your experiences and what you liked or didn’t like about the character creation process. For those that have to wait till release day, you can always come back later and post your opinions, we don’t mind dead posts being revived with current and pertinent comments.