SyFy Originals Iron Invader (TV 2011)

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Do bears crap in the wood? Yes and so does this SyFy Original Film, it craps out on so many levels. The acting was indeed on par with a decent budget film and so was the cinematography on anything not related to the Invader. The Invader totally kills the show all together and takes a good plot with good actors and slaughters it completely. Who ever was in charge of the creature needs to get help or a bigger computer budget. I know that these films are low budget films but come one the special effects department could have done a better job.

Lets talk about the Invader, the main monster of the film. It is some kind of space bacteria that hitches a ride to earth on a Russian satellite which by the way looked like it was brand new. If it were as new as it looked the government would have descended on the town faster then the first victim died. Next, the crater or the lack there of that was made in the field of the first victim. It wasn’t deep enough to be a satellite hit nor was it wide enough, it should have been at least 5 times bigger then it was and SyFy knows this. How did that ever get past quality control. Now the bacteria itself they made it with iron filings and puke green paint and then manipulated it with magnets to make it look like it was alive. The cheesy 60’s SciFi shows of the past would have done a better job and with probably half the comparable budget.

There are the faults with the entry of the bacteria now for the robot itself. It is a pile of junk that is being held together by the green goo and walks around eating people. Not really eating them but sucking out the iron from their bodies so it might as well be eating them. It walks around as if it has a brain of its own and only goes after human blood. Get real, the town has a mine in it and tons of rail tracks and all sorts of iron that would appeal to it more then just the trace amounts of iron in the blood. The really needed a better reason for going after people.

The actors themselves were rather likable and played their parts well and we have seen them in other SyFy shows in the past. These are actors that we have all grown to love and I feel sorry that they got, yes I know I used the word got, roped into being degraded by the special effects department. The filming was excellent but the effects were so bad that I wanted to turn off the TV and go do something else. See the film for the actors and maybe, just maybe the plot but for the SciFi element and effects this film is pure shite.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆