Stronghold Kingdoms Online

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Stronghold-Kingdoms-OnlineThe online version of the popular 2d/3d isometric castle games imagined by Firefly Studios. It is a turn based and yet a RTS at the same time. It is one of the better castle defense and attack games that is out there with both free and paid memberships to keep you building castles until the wee hours of the night or morning.

This game is truly addictive as you start from nothing more than a Village Idiot to that of a king of an entire region. You start your Stronghold life with nothing more than a small keep which you then have to manage. You have to see to the needs of your subjects but also the safety of them as well. You do this by placing buildings in your village that will help to maintain it as well as provide resources to both build with and trade with. As you build up your resources you are able to build your castle which defends your village. Much time is going to be spent building and maintaining that thing, so make sure you always have resources on hand, especially have a bandit or player attack.

Now that you have a village and castle you must turn to the research and development of your armies. You have to be able to protect what it is that you have built. There are many dangers out there to confront and if you do not they just might take you out. Even your villagers will get upset if you leave dangers in the parishes for too long. If they get too upset they just might leave your village. If enough of them leave your settlement will wither and die. Players also will be looking to ransack and pillage those that are not well defended so make sure you have the forces to keep you safe as well as alliances.

This game is not just about building and defense but that of politics as well. There are 20 house that are in the game and each house can have several factions that are part of them. Each house is looking to be able to control as much land as possible to be able to win the age. So far there are 5 ages to the game and more can be added as Firefly Studios keeps things interesting and fresh. The winners of the age will receive bonuses as well as tokens that can be used to have paid member standing, which helps in getting things done. Paid membership is not required though, just slower to be able to get things done like research and building of buildings in your village.

You heard that right, you have to research improvements and knowledge to be able to get ahead. Each time that you advance in rank you are given research points that you can spend. Each point allows the advancement of a skill or ability to be able to do more with the knowledge that you have. Increase the effectiveness of your armies, learn new ways to protect them, learn how to build better battlements, be able to feed more villages and so on. It is very important to learn as much as you can so that you can survive age to age.

This is one of those games that you will always come back to, even if all of your villages are taken or raised. There will always be someplace else that you can build no matter how experienced or inexperienced that you are. Don’t worry about your new village getting pounced on as you are under a period of grace and peace that no one can attack you. This allows you to get things up and running and have a chance to duke it out with both the AI and the other players in Stronghold Kingdoms Online.