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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Spelling games are out there to challenge us, and make for great TV ratings, as in games like Wheel of Fortune. Well, even though the big wheel has been spinning for decades, Spellagories most likely won’t be nearly as popular. You are set in a medieval town that has been cursed by an evil mage, and you have to break his spell using sigils that will come to you by breaking the curse on individuals that pass by the lab. To break the curse, you find words within scrambled letter that match the category listed above the puzzle. You can actually type the guessed words in, which really speeds the game up.

Like many medieval recipes, the game is as bland as oat stir-about without sugar or spices. This might be great for Jumble fans, but I found Spellagories to be slow and rather boring. While the art and music reflected the style of the period we were playing in, the puzzles could be a bit frustrating. The upside was that if you could find other words with the puzzles, then you received bonuses that would let you go to the next puzzle, even if you never found the “magic words” to break the curse. Some of the villagers looked better as funny animals than they did after you broke the curse. It looked as if Elizabeth I had even been turned into a slug at one point. There are many great word games out there, but Spellagories isn’t one of them