Soul Calibur

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Soul Calibur Comp Poster
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

I never played the first Soul Calibur game until I went to my friend’s house. This game is only for the Dreamcast. I had played the Dreamcast before, and I play it only once. I played one game on Dreamcast and it was DOA2. It was okay. One day I went to my friend’s house and I saw him playing this game. Me and my friend played this all day long, and we just could not stop playing this game.

I wish Namco would put this game the PlayStation 2, as well. This game never came out for the PlayStation 2. I wish it would. This game take place about 3 years later after Soul Blade. Soul Blade was a okay game, but this game blows Soul Blade away. Soul Calibur III is still better than this one. There are 20 characters in this game. 10 of characters came from Soul Blade and 10 of characters came from this game. The reason I like this is the animation artwork, graphics, and the gameplay. The animation looks like the anime series Orphen.

The graphics look really great for a late 90’s game. This game came out around 1999 and I heard that this game was a game of the year. That is really good for a fighting game. The gameplay runs like other Soul Calibur games. That’s why I like this game the most, because the gameplay. The sound is little bit off, but I don’t care about the sound. This game got same activities from Soul Calibur without the weapon master. Soul Calibur games always have really great graphics and really good gameplay. If you never played the first Soul Calibur, you should play this one. This game does have it on Xbox live, but not PlayStation Net. I wish this game was on PlayStation Net. If they had it, I would be playing this game like crazy. Or you can buy Dreamcast for cheaper price today, since it a very old console from the 90’s.