Sniglet of the Day: June 8

Rhonda June 8, 2017

Sniglet Of The DayThe Lags n. A symptom of a type of frustration that can happen whenever work or play involves dealing with the Internet. This is often caused by having a weak connection to the Net. It is more likely to happen in rural areas, since service providers tend to not take the needs of rural customers seriously, even though there might be that farmer’s daughter who is a geeky gamer, and spends her weekends playing World or Warcaft or Guild Wars. It can also happen at work when a credit/debit card line is being very slow due to overuse, especially at a business’ peak transaction time, such as a fast food or pizza place on a Friday night. This can also occur on various order-taking apparatus due to the same thing.

Most occurrences of The Lags does happen on nights or weekends, especially in online gaming. This can cause your game to run very slowly, or even disconnect due to time-outs. If you are not disconnected, but you see your skill bar just flashing several different spells or moves at once, you pray to the technology gods that your character survives this battle, because both the players and the monsters are dealing with the same thing. The thing is, if the monsters get killed by The Lags, they tend not to complain.

Here’s hoping your weekend activities are free of “The Lags”.