Sniglet of the Day: December 15

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Sniglet Of The DayFlabalanche — What happens when a fat guy loosens his belt

With the fall/winter holidays comes much feasting and celebrating, no matter what your faith. From the feasting on sugary treats on Halloween to the showers of champagne on New Year’s Eve, there is always going to be something to add to our waistline. Some of us don’t give into the media hype of New Year’s resolutions and will just let it all slide, literally. This is what is called a flabalance. Unlike a regular avalanche made of snow, ice, rock, and usually very loud sounds, a flabalanche tends to be made of overindulgence of sweets, homemade baked goods, way too much meat, lots of butter, and far too much beer to wash it down with, and let’s not forget the barbeque served up at those tailgate parties. There is no warning, much like with the natural avalanche, but a flabalanche tends to be less deadly, unless the person who had the flabalanche has a nasty bout of flatulence. Then those around him/her might get a bit of gas poisoning. Even that is only temporary. So, if you do know that this might occur at your holiday parties and family gatherings, stand aside and let the man/woman go through, just try not to be downwind when it happens.