Sniglet of the Day : April 23

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Sniglet Of The DayHereoglyph – A little stick figure on a mall map kiosk that tells you where you are in a mall because you can’t tell by yourself because there is no face on it. (Often the words “You Are Here” occur at the bottom of the hereoglyph)

Not sure exactly how many people get lost at the mall, but some malls can be confusing, especially the really big ones, like the Mall of America in Minnesota, so you might need to look at that big mall map that is stuck on a huge plastic cube in the middle of the mall, providing that the center of the mall does not have an skating rink or a amusement park in the middle of it. That map usually shows up somewhere in it, and on that map you find the hereoglyph. It could be anybody, but no matter how you look at it, it tells you, “You are here.” You might want to be at Macy’s or Express or even at Hot Topic, but the hereoglyph tells you otherwise. So, while the little hereoglyph doesn’t go anywhere, you have multitudes of places you could be. From one anchor store to another to the food court and beyond. That little hereoglyph is no super shopper, because it can’t go anywhere, but you’d best get moving, because, according to the horror films, zombie apocalypse day could break out at the mall, and the hereoglyph would no longer mean “You are Here.” It would be more like “You are screwed.”