Sniglet of the Day : March 30

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Sniglet Of The DayDOWNPAUSE (down’ pawz) n. The split second of dry weather experienced when driving under an overpass during a storm.

With the seasons transitioning, lots of nasty weather is going to come along, and for some parts of the country, it is going not going to stop in some places. During those times when the sky is as grey as the highway you might be driving on, you look forward to the downpause. The downpause is that tiny amount of time when you don’t hear the drumming of monster raindrops slamming into your car roof. The downpause is that split second when you might see other motorists stopped on the underpass median to wait out the storm. This is very common with motorcyclists. Your windshield wipers get a quick break, so all you hear is flip-flip-flip, then it all splashes down again. The downpause will not protect your ears from the crack of close-by thunder or but it might protect your eyes from a sudden flash of lightning. Just remember, it will all be over soon. If you have trouble driving down interstates in thunderstorms, maybe you should have stayed home. We all know that is going to be highly unlikely to do, so be careful out there this spring, and enjoy the downpauses when they come to you.