Sniglet of the Day : March 22

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Sniglet Of The Day Blibula (BLIH byu luh) – n. The spot on a dog’s stomach which, when rubbed, causes his leg to rotate wildly.

This is one for the dog lovers, and for those who just love seeing dogs do silly things. The blibula has to be one of the world’s silliest mysteries. We don’t know how it works or why we want to laugh at it so much. It’s a pretty amazing thing to find the blibula on a dog, and just watch as he or she flails one leg around while being in the dog version of ecstasy. If you stop scratching, they stop flailing about the moment you do, until you start right back up again. It’s like you are in complete control of that dog. Cats have a kind of blibula, too, but instead of making their back paws flail about, the cat’s blibula tends to be near its tail, and when scratched, it controls the gotta-lick spot, often causing a cat to slowly shake its head back and forth, and lick at the air, sometimes saying cat-words like, “yumyumyum” or”luvyaluvyaluvya”. The thing about the blibula is that we are not supposed to figure it out or try to analyze it. The gods have a sense of humour, and this is one blessing we can thank them for when it comes to making us laugh.