Sniglet of the Day : January 30

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Sniglet Of The DayWrap-rage—Furious frustration from trying to open a newly purchased factory-sealed item.

Wrap-rage often occurs with media materials. Video Games, for either console or PC, DVDs, and CDs. Sometimes it occurs with other items too, most electric in nature, like blow dryers and and curling irons, anything that comes in an ultra-stiff plastic case. The wrap-rage with media products occurs when there is so much sticky tape that adheres to the case so well, you were wondering why you made the purchase, because surely the media distributor who sent it to the stores does not want you to use the thing. So much security for a $5 DVD? All that tape on the top of that Great Hits of Some Obscure Decade that you got on sale for a pittance? And the artists wonder why you’ve taken to downloading your music and movies. It’s just safer for those living in your home for you to do so. DVD security tape is less like to end up on a drape that way, or even worse, in the family pet’s fur or feathers. Wrap-rage takes its toll in the bathroom, the workshop, anywhere factory-sealed items might end up. Have that Bowie knife ready, because, unless you somehow got one of those Zip-it doodads that slides around those sharp plastic edges, that might be the only way you will some of these things open.