Sniglet of the Day : February 15

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Sniglet Of The DayAntalixic (and a LIK sik) – n. One who passes over licorice jelly beans.

There are many, many people whom are antalixic. Licorice root is a wonderful herb, great for so many things, weight loss, inflammation, and all other kinds of ailments, but it has one major, MAJOR flaw. It tastes like something that was brewed in the lowest levels of Gehenna by culinary demons. These demons most likely work at the extraterrestaurants that were mentioned last week. There has to be some kind of evil design behind taking a medicinal herb and making it into one of the most vile candy flavouring agents ever created. Many kinds of candies are made from this, and the odor alone is sure to make your nose revolt when you get too close to it. An antalixic will pass over not only licorice jellybeans, but allsorts, Good ‘n’ Plenty’s, and most any other black candies, with the exception of black Jellybabies, because those are black currant-flavoured. Big difference! Not only will an antalixic pass over black candies, but most anything else that taste of licorice, even if it is made from other licorice-tasting sources, like anise or wormwood. They will pass over pizalle cookies, absinthe, Galliano liqueurs, and usually ouzo, plus other varieties of items, like anything made with fennel as well. Somehow, the Asian spice, star anise is not quite as strong, so the antalixic person won’t mind it so much in Chinese food, so long as does not overpower the other spices. If you serve any of these items to an antalixic, and they turn them down, do not be offended, because licorice is an aquired taste, and many people never aquire it. If you are not antalixic, consider yourself very lucky that you can handle this flavour that reviles so many others.