Rock N Roll Sushi

Rhonda October 15, 2017

While awaiting a very long day of waiting for Cleave to get through a root canal up in Dothan, I craved some Japanese food. Due to his allergy to GMO corn, Japanese cuisine is just about the only kind he can eat when going out, and Dothan has its fair share of these kinds of places. It was a day of wait, wait, wait…. Fox News and puzzle video games that were much more interesting than Fox News, even if they were pretty much Candy Crush clones with a bit more challenge to them.

After getting the procedure done, we headed to Pet Smart to get some catnip and cat grass plants for our little calico stoners, Mouse and Shelley, and decided to try out Rock N Roll Sushi. I was just amazed by this place! It featured two of my favorite things, classic rock and alternative music and sushi! The walls were decorated with paintings and photos of great bands and artists from the 60s thru 80s of rock, and featured a black, red, silver and white decor that is the perfect atmosphere for such offerings.

The menu had tasty appetizing treats like tempura and gyoza, and the classic sushi offerings like Cali rolls, but the Headliner Menu was far more interesting, with sushi rolls names for bands and songs. Cleave and I had a Sweet Home Alabama Roll, which was a fried roll with smoked salmon and cream cheese along with other fun ingredients, and a regular spicy shrimp roll. If anyone has ever had a fried sushi roll, you know how amazing they are when hot and crunchy with the spicy mayo and soy sauce. Rock N Roll Sushi’s are living up to the legend.

We were only there for about 30 minutes, but I wish I had had more time and money to spend there. Until today, I was not even aware that this was part of a chain of sushi houses across the South. If you live in a town that has one of these, go visit it now! It is worth the trip!