Robo Pit 2

Will February 7, 2013
robo pit
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Robo Pit 2 is a robot fighting game and it is a fun game to play.In this you are making your own robot. You can make it as boy or girl. I made two robots in this game. I made one as boy and made the other as girl. The one I made as boy is name my game name. My game name is JIMJIM. The one I made as girl is Sailor Venus. Sailor Venus is one of my favorite character from Sailor Moon. I named her that because I was thinking of her in my head and I was watching Sailor Moon lately.

After you make your own Robot you can fight other robots. If you win against the robot that you face with, you will get one of his or her weapons. If you lose, the robot that you face with will take one of your weapons. This one has a story mode, as well. This one doesn’t have Arcade, Survival, or even Tag Team. This one isn’t like the other fighting games. This only has Story Mode and Vs. Mode. When you are playing the story mode, you will get lots of cool new weapons. When you are playing your robot, you will see two flowing balls and there are on each side. Those are used to shoot missiles, cannons, Arrows, and lasers.

You can switch it to first person view. To switch to the first person view, you must press the select bottom. The first person view isn’t all that good. I went back to third person view. It better to play it in third person view. The graphics are pretty good for an old PSone game. This game came out around 1997, but it was only in Japan. It came to America around 2003. That is about ten years ago, and it still a great game. The graphics reminds me of Final Fantasy VII. Well! Final Fantasy VII was the same time when this game came out. The gameplay is pretty good as well. It runs like Twisted Metal. Twisted Metal came out around 1995 but came out two years after Twisted Metal. This is a good game to play. If you want a good old classic video game from the 90’s, play Robo Pit 2. There is a number one out, but it is hard to find today. I gotten number two because my friend gave it to me.