Ridge Racer 6

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

I finally got to play Ridge Racer 6. After I played this game, I found that the game is almost like RR7. This game has same gameplay from the fifth game, but with different controls. RR7 is little bit different than this game. This game isn’t on the other PlayStation consoles. This one is only on the XBOX 360. This one was the XBOX 360 launch titles that they released when the XBOX 360 first came out. The graphics in this game looks more like a PS2 game instead of 360 game. Great details on the cars but not the game itself. It looks blurry and looks more like Gran Turismo 4 graphics. I don’t why NAMCO made the graphics more like a PS2 game. Did they were rushing or in a hurry to release the game. The gameplay is good but in away. The gameplay runs more like RR5 but with nitros.

When you are about start a race, you can chose to full nitros or not. I always chose full nitros because, I can get a head start in the race. In RR7, you didn’t had to choose full nitros or not. You had build up nitros in a race. You can build up when in a race. To order to build up nitros, you need drift. That what you need to build up nitros. The soundtrack in this game is really great. NAMCO loves their techno music. Hell! I think Japanese love their techno so much, that they love to party and have fun. There is that angering DJ in the game. He won’t shut the hell up!

I have a hard time trying to get first place when he told me to how play the game. In RR7, there is a female DJ. She was a little angering, but not as much this guy on the game. This game is too damn easy. There were few tracks that were little bit challenging, but most if game really easy. RR7 was a harder and it was a hard time getting in first place. With this game and RR7, it is the same game. You have same cars & tracks. What is different from the two is different soundtracks, DJ, the opening, and different consoles. If you want to play Ridge Racer games on the PS3 or 360, play RR7. RR7 has better graphics than this game. You need get a PS3 to order to play it. And for you XBOX fans. Well! You have to rent this game or borrow it from a friend. The game is OK but, RR7 is better. I’m a PlayStation guy, but I got the 360 so I can review games that where not on PlayStation.