Michelle Gellar is Simply Irresistible

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Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a young woman, Amanda Shelton, that is running a restaurant in downtown Manhattan called The Southern Cross. The film starts with her looking in the local farmers market for produce and products that she is going to use in the restaurant that day. While there she runs into a rather strange merchant with a bushel of crabs as well as the promoter for a new restaurant Johnathan’s, Tom Bartlett played by Sean Patrick Flanery. While all of this sounds rather dry it is important for you to know how all the pieces start to fall in place in this delicious and delectably succulent romantic comedy with a twist of magic thrown in for good measure.

This is definitely a romantic comedy that you are sure to love either by yourself or cuddled up with someone that you love. It is pure poetry the way that Sarah’s character Amanda grows more and more as she interacts with Sean’s character Tom. As she becomes more interested on him and less focused on how bad things are a new magic wells up inside here. And magical it is for with every dish that she makes her own emotions are cooked right into the dish which makes everyone fall in love with what she is cooking.

This is one of those films that you will want to keep on hand just to warm you up and make you feel good. This film is perfect for those that even hate magic because it is all dependent on the magic of love and everyone can appreciate that and how it affects them at the core of their heart. If you haven’t yet seen this gem of a film I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Edits and Additions: If you love romantic comedies you must have this one for your collection. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry as you relate to the two lovers in this film. It shows us just how scary and how wonderful love can be. Romance and love is, to put it simply, Simply Irresistible. With that in mind we have added the review stars as well as the missing screen shots that you have all come to love as well as a better DVD cover shot. So enjoy the stills and then go and enjoy the movie either alone or with the one you want to love.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆