Review: The Polar Express

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The Polar ExpressOne of the best feel good films of the decade is that of The Polar Express starring Tom Hanks, Chris Coppola, Michael Jeter, and Leslie Zemeckis. This animated holiday film will melt the hearts of even the most ornery people and some just might even cry. It is a tale of a child that is loosing their belief of Santa and that of Christmas and how he gets that belief back. Even when you know the truth about the holiday and that of Santa we all want to believe that he is really there at the north pole.

The story starts with a boy, we really knew his name, in his bead trying to listen for the bells on the sleigh of Santa’s sleigh. He just doesn’t know what to believe and as the story progresses you understand why. He has collected clippings from news payers, photos of himself with store santas and covers of magazines that feature paintings from authors of the time. He wants to believe but just can’t seem to fully do so for all of the information and even the conversations that he overhears from his parents. We have all been like that at one point in our lives or another, we want to believe to make us and our lives better.

The boy drifts asleep and then is startled awake with his whole house shaking. It is shaking so much you would think that they were having an earthquake. It is not an earthquake but instead it a train, The Polar Express, coming down his street on non existent tracks. A truly magical sight to behold and you can definitely see the wonder on the little boys face as the train stops right in front of his house. This is where the film really starts, everything else was just a nice little play to set you up for the adventure that you are now going to have.

This film is full of suspense, adventure, mystery and Christmas cheer and giving. You see children from all walks of life bonding together to help one another as they all are on a trip to see Santa and to see who is going to get the first present of the year. This film made me cry so much as it is hear worming and makes you think of all of the good things of all the holidays past that you might have experienced. This is a film that you will definitely want to have on your shelf to watch year after year with your family, just make sure to keep tissues on hand. The film will make you feel that good. A film for the whole family to see and I am not just saying that as a catch phrase.

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